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Do Organic Rankings Really Matter in SEO?

The more you use a search engine, the more information it collects. By tracking your past searches and navigation patterns, search engines will give you results tailored to your needs. This ensures that visitors to sites are more targeted, which may lead to a higher conversion rate . Therefore, you should not focus on being every consumer’s number one ranked result. Instead, devote your time to increasing and measuring your return on investment from your SEO and other marketing strategies. Webcast, June 21st: 5 Keys to Operational Excellence At the end of the day, your goal should be to increase your company’s revenue, not your ranking. For one, rankings are relative to the searcher’s behavior, as mentioned above, and ranking number one for a term may not translate to success. For example, if you’re ranking number one for a term that no one is searching, it’s not bringing any business to your site. Focus on increasing your return on investment rather than beating out your competitors. You can do this by strategically using keywords and researching specific phrases. One way to do this is by using long-tail keywords rather than one-word keywords. Long-tail keywords include three or four words that specifically relate to your product or service and are responsible for 70% of searches . For example, say you own a cupcake bakery. Instead of focusing on “cupcakes,” you can create some long-tail keywords like “best place to buy cupcakes,” or “where to get cupcakes.” By using long-tail keywords, you increase the efficiency of a search by decreasing your competition and reaching a more targeted audience.

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